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Why choose us

There are so many good things happening at Melody House. Since 2006.
At Melody House we make use of modern and efficient methods to create highest quality products and services in sound and music  for education, media, entertainment, recreation and business making life more good.
It’s the place where diversity, freedom of expression, artistic ability, creativity and innovation meet.
We know the value of working hard with excellence and unity of purpose  while practicing integrity, honesty, care and accountability in our connections for the achievement of worthwhile goals.
We understand the dynamics and potential in our areas of service related to arts, commerce and law.
It’s true that sense,  direction and purpose come from what we learn and share with others.  Joining Melody House is therefore an opportunity for one to not just explore but to acquire a skill, develop broader perspectives in life and see possibilities to opening future doors. It’s inspiring when you hear somebody confidently tell the world “I’m designing my dream into  vision.” The pathway made today creates one’s future story. We hope and it’s our aim that the experiences here will plant seeds of change, unlock potentials and lead to greatness.
Creating spaces where young people can learn, face another and grow is part of the Melody House mission.
Here you will find an activity to do during a gap year or break from work, something you have always wanted to do, you can do it now.
The world is evolving and some traditions fading and understanding some of this change is one reason to have an  experience at Melody House.
Guys from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Denmark, USA, Italy, Sudan, India, Germany, Congo, United Kingdom and Nigeria have discovered Melody House.
Melody House is associated with the Recording Academy of East Africa whose objective is to share information and promote excellence  amongst musicians, songwriters, producers, performers and other music professionals.
At Melody House you will  find community and lifelong friendship.
We are training and equipping professionals for industry.
We can offer you a custom or ready made solution. Contact us today.


Creating something great starts with passion.