Piano Lessons

Melody House offers piano lessons and piano classes in Nairobi to students of all ages who have a passion for expressing themselves musically through piano playing. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to play piano and develop your technique through note reading as well as playing by ear. If you’re looking for piano lessons in Nairobi we invite you to join Melody House where we offer quality learning and proper facilities. We are the Best piano school in Nairobi as we offer flexibility both in our curriculum and class scheduling. Our piano course content and piano tutorials are customized to meet the individual goals of the students, we cover all genres from western, African, church music, Indian, Caribbean styles etc in their traditional to modern forms. Piano lessons for kids are available on Holidays and weekends. We also have part time and evening classes available for those with a busy schedule but still wish to fulfill their musical dreams whether for recreation or professional goals.



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