Learner Code of Conduct

At Melody House we make every effort to integrate high ethical standards in our day to day activities and of which we expect our staff and learners to adhere to. The Learner Code of Conduct is meant to assist you to meet creative, artistic and personal goals and includes observing Melody House community guidelines summarized below, Professional code of conduct and the Laws of Kenya.

  1. Take care of property that is assigned to Learner use or located within the premises.
  2. Attend lessons on time, follow course work as instructed and hand in  assignments on time.
  3. Unless it is part of the class session avoid browsing/ chatting on  computer/ mobile.
  4.  Lies, abusive or discriminatory behavior shall not be acceptable
  5. Use of food and drinks near computers, controllers, pianos and other equipment is not allowed.
  6. Drug abuse, intoxication and disorderly association is prohibited
  7. Keep work/ lounge spaces tidy
  8. Melody House may record, photograph or document Learner class sessions and such may be shared with Learner and/or posted in our publications.
  9. There is no particular dress code at Melody House. Go sporty, casual smart, youth, business office…nothing outside the normal.
  10. Visitors are not allowed in the class/ studio
  11. You shall inform us in advance when you need assistance, have divergent opinion or are unable to attend sessions.
  12. The following sanctions may be imposed to resolve violations of the Learner Code of Conduct:
  • Suspension from sessions
  • Compensation for damage, loss or injury
  • Loss of Privileges
  • Withholding of completion award (where opted)

In order to create a safe environment for everyone at Melody House the following shall be observed:

  1. Wear a mask/ face shield.
  2. There is a hand sanitizer at the reception for your use whenever you enter and exit. 
  3. Keep at a distance of at least 1 meter from the next person
  4. Equipment surfaces shall be disinfected before use
  5. One machine/ instrument is dedicated to single person use per session
  6. The number of persons in a room per session shall be limited.
  7. A body temperature check shall be conducted at the entrance
  8. Carry a mini hand sanitizer for your extra care
  9. If you have a constant cough, cold or flu please seek treatment and stay at home

The above list is certainly not all inclusive but it is supposed to serve as a broad guide pertaining to the time Learner is at Melody House.

The code of conduct or part thereof may be posted in class/ studio notices. Updates shall be communicated on this website.