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Learn Guitar at Melody House

Melody House guitar school offers guitar lessons in Nairobi to an array of aspiring musicians. Our guitar lessons are both practical and theory based and cover music elements like melody, harmony, chord formation & progressions, strum patterns, playing lead and rhythm roles in an ensemble etc. Our guitar classes are tailor made to meet the student’s goals and preferences in terms of musical styles as we recognize that individuals have different tastes when it comes to what one considers “good music”. Our guitar lessons for beginners are geared towards helping the student attain proper technique while learning their favorite tunes. Guitar classes are conducted on individual or group basis. Our guitar instructors are available to teach at our guitar school in Nairobi CBD and also at your preferred location if you opt for private lessons. If you are looking for guitar lessons in Kenya that are at an affordable rate while still offering high returns on investment in terms of acquired skills then Melody House should be your preferred institution.



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